online offering

Devotees are requested to book in advance towards Offerings during Sapthaha Mahayagnam

You could make use of the core banking facility at any branch of the below listed banks to make your payments from any location, and fill up the following form to intimate us. We will get back to you immediately on receipt

!!!! Online offerings available for booking !!!!
(During Lock-down Period)
Sr. No. Offering Offering Rate Rs.
1 Pushpanjali 10.00
2 Ordinary Archana 20.00
3 Archana (Any Archana) 35.00
4 Ksheerabhishekam (Milk) 40.00
5 Thailabhishekam (Oil) 100.00
6 Ghee Lamp One full day 100.00
7 Ghanapathy Homam 200.00
8 Ayush Homam 300.00
9 One Day Pooja 350.00
9 Donation for Annadhanam/Medical/ Education etc. (Donate any amount) 0